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We understand working on the farm is a dirty job, that being said we know somebody has to clean it. EcoLay has a product that adheres to surfaces like wood, metal and plastic. Installing this product into thing like stall and food preparation areas decreases the chance for transferring Disease. The product is a polymer so that does not also dirt to bond to it. It is flexible under cold conditions aswell. Consider EcoLay's coating for a low maintenance surface throughout your farm.


  • Exterior Durability - Resists UV degradation 

  • NSF-61 Potable Water Safe Certification - this poly product is made with poly that is suitable to drink out of.

  • pH Neutral - Does not react to acids. Unlike a concrete surface

  • Crack Resistance - retains flexibility at low temperatures.

  • Slip Resistance - Surface texture can be applied to areas where being slick can be unsafe.

  • Easy to Clean - If algae were to grow in the water, it would not be able to attach itself within the surface. Any surface algae would just wipe away.

  • Resistance to chemical