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The interior finish of your swimming pool should provide beauty, low maintenance and a smooth feel. With EcoLay aqua bright and poly Fibro finishes this is possible. These finishes provide a non-porous, PH neutral surface that will hold up to harsh weather and UV exposure. This extremely durable swimming pool finishes are resistant to chipping, peeling, chalking and cracking that standard surfaces are commonly know for. This swimming pool surface also is flexible at low temperatures. When considering re plastering you swimming pool or installing on a new pool. Consider EcoLay swimming pool surfaces. You will be thrilled with the results.

Advantages To Standard Plaster Finishes

  • Exterior Durability - Resists UV degradation 

  • NSF-61 Potable Water Safe Certification - this poly product is made with poly that is suitable to drink out of.

  • pH Neutral - Does not react to acids. Unlike a concrete surface

  • Crack Resistance - retains flexibility at low temperatures.

  • Slip Resistance - Surface texture can be applied to areas where being slick can be unsafe.

  • Easy to Clean - If algae were to grow in the water, it would not be able to attach itself within the surface. Any surface algae would just wipe away.

  • Resistance to chemical - Resistant to most swimming pool chemicals.

Why EcoLay has revolutionized the commercial swimming pool industry with its product?

Swimming Pools are not meant to be drained.

Wisconsin has been in the need for a surface that can withstand the elements is has to offer. Many Wisconsin swimming pool owners drain their swimming pools down for the WInter. The swimming pool plaster is not meant to be out of the elements of water. Keeping plaster hydrated is an important factor to the longevity of it. Swimming pool plaster, where water has been removed causes the surface to check crack and dry out. This type of damage will cause the adhesion of plaster to not be as strong and breakdown.

We have found a solution to this problem. Our product adheres to the existing surface using a long lasting thermos-polymer finish. This swimming pool finish allows pools to stay drained with out damaging the concrete underneath it.

Commercial Pools Take A lot Of Abuse.

Commercial swimming pools have a high demand for bathers. This high demand requires commercial swimming pool owners to constantly increase their sanitizer and pH levels. These high levels destroy standard plaster by breaking down the concrete ingredient. Soon after install swimming pool plaster in commercial swimming pools the surface becomes very rough. This rough surface causes patrons to complain from its abuse to the skin from irritation. 

EcoLay installs a long lasting smooth product that takes the abuse from chemicals. The start up and re-balancing of this surface happens immediately verse waiting days for the chemistry to stabilize with a traditional plaster surface. Our product is the only product that complies with NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking water safe component.

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aquaBright Available Colors | Used for concrete pool surfaces

Available in custom blends upon request. Extra fee may apply.